Codrim provides multi service to Advertisers/Publishers
  • Accurate global user acquisition

    Codrim, with billions mobile user data and full-experienced technologies, has full-stocked good-quality traffic and professional mobile marketing solutions, providing global user acquisition service that comes from 200+ countries and legions for Advertiser.

  • Third Party Payment Service

    Third Party Payment Service is main to help global customers for collecting and paying dollars or RMB. It serves to enterprise, team and individual.

  • Facebook Advertising Optimization

    With professional advertising platform, our Facebook advertising optimization team always provide targeted ad optimization solutions, and acquire qualified users with competitive budget.

Global Traffic

Codrim, with traffic from 200+ countries and regions, covers 200 millions mobile users daily!

Targeted and Accurate Marketing

With AD technologies, millions big data and 1000+ data tags that comes from Codrim intelligent mobile platform, it can help advertisers to target qualified users and to help publisher to monetize the best profit.


With Codrim DMP Anti-fraud system, multi traffic activities monitoring and user engagement analyzing, it can distinguish and reject fraud traffic with the best degree.

SSP provides multi efficient traffic monetization solutions

Multi Advertisement Format


-Interstitial ADS

-Full-screen ADS

-Native ADS

-Rich Media

Plenty of Advertisement Resources

Covering games, APP, Shopping and Branding

Targeted and accurate traffic marketing

-Instrcuted traffic optimization, Highly completed user data

- Targeted and accurate marketing solutions, to maximize profit for publishers